7 steps to health and the big diabetes lie downloadEvery six second, a person dies from diabetes globally. With more than 400 million affected worldwide, diabetes is one of the deadliest diseases man has come to live with. Diabetes refers to health conditions in which there is high amount of glucose in the blood. This unusually high amount of blood sugar is cause by a number of underlying factors which include but not limited to failure of the insulin hormone to regulate sugar levels in the blood. This occurs when the hormone is produced in amounts that are inadequate. Apart from this, body cells may also fail to respond to insulin control.

Patients who are diabetic may experience frequent urination; a condition known as polyuria. Apart from this, diabetic patients experience frequent thirst and hunger. There are two categories of diabetes; type I and type ii diabetes.

Type I diabetes has a lesser prevalence rate of only about 10% of all diabetes cases. It is caused mainly by a reduced production of insulin by the pancreas. Type ii diabetes is caused by failure by body cells to respond to the insulin produced. It is responsible for about 90% cases of diabetes. It is common in adults in both developed and the underdeveloped world. There is however a high a prevalence in the underdeveloped world due to a number of factors such as lack of access to quality health care being a result of high level of poverty that is observed in those parts of the world.

 7 steps to health and the big diabetes lie downloadThere is also the gestational diabetes which usually affects women during pregnancy. Sedentary lifestyle; characterized by a lack of exercise is a major cause of diabetes. Nutritional factors such as maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding intake of tobacco are some of the ways to prevent diabetes.  In the latest compilation titled 7 steps to health and the big diabetes lie download an extensive study was carried out on several was to prevent diabetes and also manage it.

Managing diabetes can be a challenging without the right approach. It has been revealed that diabetes kills more Americans than HIV/AIDS and breast cancer. Data released by the World Health Organization have indicated that one in eleven people globally suffer from diabetes. A large proportion of diabetes cases are usually undiagnosed. This is because the disease at its early stage may not give clear symptoms; often times it gives symptoms that may be associated with other ailments.

Recent innovations in technology have impacted greatly the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. This is evident in the development of therapies and gadgets that help to effectively monitor the disease in various stages.

The new universal remote control is the perfect gadget to help diabetes patients overcome the debilitating effects of  7 steps to health and the big diabetes lie downloadthe disease.  The remote control accurately obtains information about the patient’s glucose level and transfers same to electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones and computers for assessment. Apart from this, this device can also transfer its readings to physicians who evaluate this and determine the progress in the patient’s diabetes treatment.

This provides patients and their relatives with up-to-date information about glucose level inside the blood thus helping to raise their confidence. In addition, any fall in the sugar level can be quickly detected. This reduces the chances of emergencies that may occur when there is no prior information.

Diabetes patients deserve all the care they can get. This helps to balance their emotions and sustains them through the pains they experience.



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