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With one in every four male suffering from ejaculation dysfunctions worldwide, the disease is one of the leading causes of infertility. Ed reverser stated that ejaculation dysfunction refers to series of infections where the ability of men to ejaculate and perform other sexual activities is hindered. During sexual intercourse, the man releases semen into the woman to effect fertilization.

Ejaculation dysfunction poses grave concerns to couples. Unlike in the past where incidences of ejaculation dysfunction were only common among adults, the prevalence of ejaculation dysfunction among young people is now on the rise.
Erectile dysfunction is categorized into three. Premature ejaculation is the most common type of ejaculation dysfunction and is implicated in 30% reported cases of ejaculation dysfunctions. Three out of ten victims of ejaculation dysfunction suffer from premature ejaculation.

In premature ejaculation, the man releases semen before actual sexual encounter takes place. It is caused by stress, depressions and past prostate challenges. Worries about sexual performances can also induce premature ejaculation.

Delayed ejaculation occurs when ejaculation is delayed a little longer than normal or an inability of the man to ejaculate. It is caused by trauma, previous surgeries and multiple sclerosis. The condition is also common in old Ed reverserpeople. Depending on the extent of damages, ejaculation can be delayed by up to 60 minutes.

In Retrograde Ejaculation, semen flows backward into the bladder instead of passing through the urethra. It is caused by damages to reproductory nerves.  There are several ways this condition can be reversed and some of them were pointed out in the latest Rock hard protocol ebook download.  In the subsequent paragraph some of the steps to prevent ejaculation dysfunction will be discussed in details

Steps to prevent Ejaculation Dysfunction

  • Avoid frequent masturbations

Frequent masturbation that persists for a long time causes damage to vessels that supply penis. Stroking and bending during masturbation also inflicts bruises on the penis. The Society of Sexual Medicine reports indicate that high-frequency masturbation for a longtime leads to symptoms of ejaculation dysfunction.

  • Avoid unhealthy dieting

Excessive consumption of junks and other food products that contain additives and preservations in high amount are dangerous to the reproductory organs. There is now a rapid rise in the use of estrogen, the female hormone, in a number of food products. Consuming these products lead to hormonal imbalance in male which affects sexual activities in me.

  • Indiscriminate drug use

There are now increasing use of hard drugs including opioids, narcotics despite heavy government restrictions. Ed reverserCenter for Disease Control (CDC) revealed in its reports that use of narcotics and other hard drugs suppress testosterone levels in male. This also hinders the ability of men to sustain erection during sexual encounters.

  • Avoid solitude

A new study conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) revealed that men spend long hours sitting more than women. Sitting in the same position for too long affects the waistline and reduces efficiencies at this part of the body.

Regular exercises must be carried out and sustained for a long time in order to reduce the effects of a solitary lifestyle on the reproductive system.

  • Avoid stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of ejaculation dysfunction. A high stress level causes depressions and anxieties in men before and during sexual intercourse. All external pressures must be eliminated to allow for an enjoyable and satisfactory sexual experience.

Men are advised to visit the physicians in any case of ejaculation dysfunction for proper assessment and drug administration.

Women must provide emotional supports to their partners to help them overcome ejaculation dysfunctions.